With the help of Dr. Bennett, I am able to enjoy many athletic activities such as swimming, hiking, running and skiing while minimizing the risk of injury or overuse. Dr. Bennett really listens to my needs and customizes my treatments accordingly.

His warm, friendly manner and enthusiasm for a healthy and athletic lifestyle also makes him a great friend and advisor.
— Noël Christine Bilodeau, San Jose, CA

During my long soccer career I have experienced a lot of different injuries and have been treated by different sports trainers, but none come close to the results Dr Bennett has accomplished. Dr Bennett is superman when it comes to sports injury treatments. Thanks to Dr Bennett I’ve been able to come back from any injury I have had since I met him 3 years ago and I know I will be able to stay healthy under his care.
— Dannylo Ayllon, Semi-Pro Soccer San Jose Frogs FC – Alameda, CA

I have suffered from TMJ for years and have seen all kinds of different specialists and nothing seemed to improve it until I met Dr Dave Bennett. Dr Bennett has alleviated the pain considerably through regular treatment.
— Leslie Prindle-Klein, Cupertino, CA

I look forward to visiting Dr. Dave Bennett every other week. His professional knowledge never fails to help me feel better. From his Active Release Therapy to his muscle releasing and adjusting techniques Dr. Bennett never seems to get stumped. The relaxed atmosphere and Dr. Bennett’s easy-going approach make visits to his office even better. I’d never consider another chiropractor.
— Dan Naylor, San Jose, CA

Dr Bennett has been wonderful! He has treated both myself & my two very sports-minded teenage daughters for over a year. He makes all of us feel better, and if there is a specific injury, he helps it heal much faster than expected. We have recommended him to many of our friends, and could not be more pleased with his level of care and depth of knowledge.
— Beth Clark, Sunnyvale, CA

I spent about 5 years dealing with shoulder/neck pain whenever I went running. I couldn’t even run 1/2 a mile before the pain would be unbearable. I thought that I would just never be able to run even though i loved it so much, so I gave up on it. My doctor just told me to take ibruprofen and could never figure out the problem. Then I started seeing Dr. Bennett while he was in his last year of school. After just a few short weeks I was able to run a few miles before there was any pain and even then it was mild. Then soon after that I started training for my first half marathon. I finished my very first half marathon in November 2007 with absolutely no pain. I am so grateful for Dr. Bennett and his amazing chiropractic skills and I still to this day can run pain free!
— Kristy Beason, RVT

I have worked in and around medical professionals my entire life. There are rudimentary practitioners and then there are those with extraordinary diagnostic abilities that have the ‘touch’. Dave Bennett is in that rare group of talent. I was facing life long acute and chronic pain from a two month old injury. My doctor of 14 years could not fix my foot. I was examined, x-rayed, MRIed, anti-inflamitoried and still had a horribly swollen foot that I could barely use. I went to Dave Bennett for treatment of my sciatica. While he worked we got to chatting and I mentioned my foot. He examined my horribly swollen foot and he just seemed to massage it and click the acute pain was gone. I left with sciatica treated, acute pain gone from the foot and well on the road to healing of the chronic pain. Today this foot feels and functions better than pre-injury. We are systematically repairing a lifetime of injuries that I thought there was no hope of healing. Every day there is a little less pain and a little more joy. Thank you for your above and beyond efforts with your extraordinary abilities.
— Gabrielle Conway