We are always accepting new patients

Most PPO insurance plans are accepted

Non-insured visits are $85


During your first visit, Dr. Bennett will evaluate your issue to determine the right treatment so that you can heal quickly with results that last. Contrary to some chiropractic approaches, Dr. Bennett believes that patients should notice significant improvement after 2-3 visits. Many patients experience a positive benefit by the end of the first session. If the doctor decides that he can’t help you, he won’t hesitate to refer you to someone who can.

When you arrive, make sure to wear clothing that you can easily move in. Dr. Bennett will spend time talking with you to better understand your health history, current condition, and any other health concerns you may have. You may also be asked to wear a gown or pair of shorts during the physical portion of the exam.

At the end of your first visit, Dr. Bennett will discuss specific types of therapy and may even have time to start treatment. Generally, it is most effective for a patient to receive treatments more frequently in early stages of care, tapering off visits over time.

If you have any other questions, please call (408) 732-7223.